Just when you thought the power wars couldn’t get any crazier, Koenigsegg unveils the shocking Koenigsegg Regera at the 2015 Geneva Auto Show.

Koenigsegg must mean bonkers in Swedish…but it doesn’t, it’s actually a name, Christian von Koenigsegg to be exact and he is completely off his rocker, and we love it. He founded the company in 1994 and has created some ridiculously fast cars. The Regera will certainly be the fastest, thanks to a power output of over 1,500bhp and 1,475 lb ft.

The Koenigsegg Regera is a hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, (time to ditch the Prius) which combines the power of three electric motors with 700 hp and a twin-turbo V8 gasoline engine putting out 1,000 hp – – – This combination will launch the 3,589 lb curb weight Regera from 0 to 248 mph in less than 20 seconds and from 93 mph to 155 mph in 3.2 seconds!

Stopping the beast are ventilated ceramic discs with 6-piston calipers and 4 – piston for the rears.

The car comes with all equipment standard including smart airbags, detachable storable hardtop with lightweight roof, power windows, robotized and soft closing hoods and doors. Adjustable pedals and steering column, leather interior with Regera style stitching, electronically 6-way adjustable carbon sport seats with memory foam, carbon ceramic brakes with Sport ABS, KES (stability), Active Chassis with hydraulic lifting system, Satnav, LifePo4 battery, MP3 player, Apple CarPlay, USB connection, climate control, digital warning and info system, G sensor, alarm, tyre monitoring system, leather carpets, roof storage bag, car cover, electric handbrake, power folding wing mirrors and a Titanium exhaust system.

Prices have yet to be announced.

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