Buckle up, folks, because the 2023 Audi S7 is not just a car, it’s a four-wheeled slice of automotive heaven that makes driving feel like a whimsical journey through the clouds, minus the turbulence. If you’re in the market for a car that combines power, sophistication, and a dash of mischief, the S7 might just be your chariot to automotive nirvana.

The last time I reviewed it, it had a twin-turbo V8 that was as smooth as a single malt scotch. The 2023 model has 2 fewer cylinders but still looks stunning, it’s sleeker than a penguin in a tuxedo.

Stylish Exterior

Nothing else really compares to the S7’s stunning silhouette with this long, sloping rear roofline and dramatic rear deck. It looked great when it first came out and it still looks great today.

Since this car has the design edition package for $2,500 you get some very pretty 5-spoke 21-inch wheels and summer tires. It also gets red brake calipers.

Under The Hood

The 2023 Audi S7 is powered by a 2.9-liter V-6, which features two turbochargers augmented by an electric supercharger.

The goal is to eliminate lag so the little electric supercharger idles at 5000 rpm and can quickly spin up to 70,000 rpm, generating additional boost while the turbos are getting up to their maximum 21.5 psi of pressure.

The V6 sends 444 hp and 443 lb-ft to all four wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission instead of the dual-clutch as before and the S7 differentiates itself from the lesser A7 by having an adaptive air suspension system.

These additional components have increased the curb weight, the S7 now weighing in at a not-so-svelte 4,623 lbs some 132 pounds heavier than its predecessor. 0-60 takes 4.1 seconds, so it’s a couple of tenths slower than the V8 version.

Driving – Fast when you want it to be

Despite the loss of two cylinders, the latest S7 is extremely quick and the addition of the electric compressor/supercharger has all but eliminated any turbo lag; it’s genuinely snappy off the line now.

The four-wheel steering combined with the torque-vectoring rear differential makes the S7 feel like a rear-drive car and during some very hard cornering, I never experienced any understeer, which has been the bane of Audi’s cars for a while.

The S7 has several different drive modes, Comfort, Auto, Dynamic, and Individual where you can adjust suspension, steering, and of course, exhaust noise so of course I chose the loudest setting. The acoustic glass does muffle the spending noise from inside the car but outside it barks, burbles, and farts like the best of them.

The switch to Dynamic is subtle but you can feel the dynamics of the vehicle change, everything becomes more intense, the car hunkers down on its air suspension and throttle inputs are more responsive and sharper. A blast on some of San Diego’s back roads showed how well this car goes, it has tons of torque to pass slower vehicles, and despite not being a sports sedan it handles remarkably well.

The eight-speed automatic snaps-off shifts about as fast as any twin-clutch transmission and the steering although devoid of much feedback is precise and the car goes where you point it.  Brakes are firm and reassuring and provide excellent stopping power from higher speeds

Interior – Still a class act

Inside, the S7 is like a high-tech spaceship, with all controls neatly in hand. The central infotainment touchscreen is big and responsive, and below it is a secondary touchscreen that takes care of climate control duties. It’s not my favorite way, I would much prefer physical buttons but oh well, can’t stop progress. 

The center touchscreen has a clean layout, it’s easy to navigate with logical and well-laid-out menus, and includes wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard.

The quilted leather seats exude quality and are very comfortable and have multi-way power as well as offering heat, but sadly no cooling.  Ahead of the driver is a 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster, Audi’s configurable virtual cockpit plus and it’s still one of the best.  

Passengers in the back seat have heated seats as well with USB-C power and a quality armrest with two cupholders.

Cargo Space

One of the S7’s finest features is the fact that it’s a hatchback offering a large dose of SUV practicality. It offers 24.6 cubic feet behind the seats which fold flat to create quite a large space for dogs, bicycles, etc.   

Competitors and Pricing

It competes with the Porsche Panamera, the Tesla Model S, and the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe. The Tesla is cheaper but the other 2 are significantly more expensive.

The base price is $83,500 which is almost $10K more than the S7. This one has a few options. The Prestige package is $8,000 and includes A very good Bang and Olufsen sound system, Lots of luxury, leather on the console, dash, and armrests, an Audi phone box with wireless charger and signal booster, a top-view camera system, Power soft closing doors, A Head-up display, heated rear seats, Dual pane acoustic glass, Traffic Sign Recognition and remote park assist.

It also has the S Sport package for $4,000 which includes a Sports Exhaust, Sport Rear diff, and Dynamic all-wheel steering which takes the price including destination to $99,690.



The 2023 Audi S7 is not just a car; it’s an experience. It’s the kind of car that makes you want to call in sick to work, just so you can spend more time behind the wheel. In my opinion, it’s the ultimate road trip car, it does everything so well, So, if you’re in the market for a car that’s part luxury cruiser, part canyon carver, and part family hauler, the Audi S7 might just be your ticket to automotive bliss.

BASE PRICE: $83,5000
VEHICLE LAYOUT: Front-engine, all-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 4-door sedan
ENGINE: 2.9 liter twin-turbocharged, supercharged, DOHC 24-valve V-6
POWER: 444 hp @ 6,700 rpm
TORQUE: 443 lb-ft @ 1,900 rpm
TRANSMISSION: 8-speed automatic with manual shifting mode
CURB WEIGHT: 4,597 lbs 
0-60 MPH: 4.1 seconds
155 mph
BRAKES FRONT: 17.3-in vented, cross-drilled, carbon-ceramic disc
BRAKES REAR: Front: 15.7-in vented, Rear: 13.8-in vented
WHEELS: 21-inch V spoke
TIRES: Pirelli P Zero PZ4, 255/35R-21
OUR OBSERVED: 18.1 mpg
CARGO SPACE: 25 cubic feet
PROS: Superb handling, Incredible chassis, the perfect grant tourer.
CONS: Pricey compared to its S6 sibling