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1201, 2018

Coolest Cars With Pop Up Headlights

January 12th, 2018|Categories: Feature, RTR|0 Comments

As a kid I loved pop up headlights and always wanted to own one, they just looked so cool. The car I ended up with was a 1989 Honda Accord, not exactly the Lotus Esprit I had in mind. Pop-up headlights were created to allow for a lower nose than conventional headlights of the time would allow. These days modern headlight technology allows for ellipsoid projectors, which take up much less space and can be [...]

2612, 2017

Favorite Cars of 2017

December 26th, 2017|Categories: Feature, RTR|0 Comments

It's that time again where we choose our favorite cars we've driven in 2017. It's been another hugely fun year driving all sorts of different cars. But which have been our favorites?……..Not necessarily the fastest or the coolest looking made the list. The ones that stood out for doing something better than most of their competition were the ones we chose. There were a few surprises, who would have thought a full size SUV would [...]

512, 2017

The new Lamborghini Urus: Super Sport Utility Vehicle

December 5th, 2017|Categories: Feature, RTR|0 Comments

Lamborghini has launched its third model the Lamborghini Urus, the first Super Sport Utility Vehicle, into a world where the SUV has become somewhat ubiquitous. VW already has the Bentayga so why not a Lamborghini SUV? The Urus features a 4.0 liter V8 twin-turbo engine delivering 650 hp at 6,000 rpm, with a maximum of 6,800 rpm, and 626 lb ft at 2,250 rpm. Claimed acceleration is quite rapid with the benchmark 0-60 time coming [...]

3110, 2017

Ares X Raid – Insanity Prevails

October 31st, 2017|Categories: Feature, RTR|0 Comments

The Ultimate SUV? Don't be surprised if you've never heard of Ares Design or the Ares X Raid, which by the way looks like the love child of a Toyota Land Cruiser and a Mercedes G Wagon. The company was founded in 2014 by Dany Bahar, the former boss of Lotus, and they've come up with an SUV that makes a top of the line Range Rover look cheap. The company has only just now [...]

910, 2017

The Most Fun Cars For Under $25K

October 9th, 2017|Categories: Feature, RTR|0 Comments

Cheap Thrills With No Spills ...hopefully When it comes to getting cheap thrills in a car for less than $25k, there's isn't a whole lot to choose from these days unless you go used. Of course everyone likes that new car smell so we picked our favorite ones from what we would consider the most fun cars for under $25K. The Ford Fiesta ST is nothing short of a fun fest. Ford has [...]

1808, 2017

This is the brand new BMW Z4 – REVEALED

August 18th, 2017|Categories: Feature, RTR|0 Comments

Here is BMW’s new roadster, co-developed with 2018 Toyota Supra, in concept form. The BMW Group just used the Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach to present its exciting new take on the BMW roadster, the all new BMW Z4. The Supra and BMW’s next drop-top will use the same basic architecture, but they’ll look completely different. The Supra will only be offered as a coupe while the roadster will more than likely have a fabric [...]

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